Soul Communication & Self Restructuring


Now is the perfect time for you to learn how to utilize your natural resources to reach more people and have the level of impact your soul truly desires.


When you tangibly communicate with your soul, you will influence more people in a positive way and quickly reach your desires and goals.


Every successful person knows communication is one of the MUST HAVE skills you need to be SUCCESSFUL on every level from impact to income.

Wednesday's at 8:00 PM EST

Cleaning Your CA$H Consciousness

A Money Entity Clearing Transmission


  • Is your money manifestation mucked up? 
  • Is your budget always going bust? 
  • Is your wealth wobbling?


Second Saturday of every month 

2 - 4:30 PM EST on Zoom

Now is the perfect time to have your money entities extracted so you are able to reach more people and have the level of impact your soul truly desires.

Entities are a parasitic consciousness that feeds on energetic charges (thoughts and/or emotions) in an energy field (You), then they can constantly re-stimulate the disrupting pattern in the nervous system producing the charge it needs to feed off of.

This transmission is designed to help detangle any energetic chords of attachments to the entity and to neutralize the charge in the energy field that attracted it in the first place, even if its origin of attachment has passed down through the bloodline/ancestral or past/concurrent lives.

When your cleared of money entities, you will influence more people in a positive way and quickly reach your Money desires and goals.

Every successful person knows clean cashflow consciousness is one of the MUST HAVES to be SUCCESSFUL on every level from impact to income.

When you attend “Cleaning Your Cashflow Consciousness” you will easily and quickly:

  • Discover & develop your “Grace Volume Dial” so you will know and have grace available in all life situations.
  • Connect with your multiple managers & guardians of universal love & light so you feel safe & protected through the entity removal process. 
  • Liberate your vitality, abundance & prosperity patterns to allow the free flow of money to pour into your life. 
  • Separate, disarm and dismantle toxic money patterns. 
  • Restore your nervous system to it’s original design so you have greater ease and flow with money. 
  • Restore your money relationship to its healthy prosperous patterns. 
  • Return to joy as a natural expression for a more for filling life. 

Are You Speaking the Same Language as Your Soul?

What if You're Not?


Imagine being in a foreign country, and you are LOST, you don't speak the language, so you can't ask directions, you can't read the symbols, so you don't understand the signs, you are just going around in circles!
That is what life is like before you know Your Soul language.

So what do most people do when the don't know their Soul Language? 


They chase their dreams. They strategize day and nights. They struggle constantly. They throw money at things trying to make their outside world better... without changing their inside world. They're chasing rainbows instead of realizing the gold is within them.


The top 2% go about it in a different way. An easier way.


Before I tell you how to do it, I want you to answer a few tricky questions - Why does this ___ always happen to me? Am I manifesting this myself? Is my outer world a reflection of my inner world?


Most people fall into the conventional trap, victimhood.


What ends up happening is they throw a ton of time, money and energy forcing outcomes instead of manifesting with grace and ease.


They chase after external goals without listening to what their soul is telling them or cleaning up their inner resources.


When it comes to courses, books and events, if you're not internalizing the information and connecting in with your Soul Language then it will lead to a lot of empty outcomes.





Connecting with yourself and listening to your Soul Language is a quality over quantity proposition, so you are putting your resources of time, energy and money into understanding your Soul's purpose and being efficiently guided by it.  


When you discover your Soul's purpose you can easily become commited to listening to your Soul and have your desires met. Isn't that what fulfilling results are all about?


Listening to your Soul Language maximizes the manifestation of your desires.


Soul Language is a leading system that helps you understand how to communicate more effectively in your inner world to connect more fully in your outer world.  

That might sound hard but it's actually the most authentic way to live.


Think about it. There are a lot of people out there offering one-size-fits-all solutions without having any idea about your core values and Soul Language. You cannot connect more fully with yourself and others with a one-size-fits-all diagnosis.  


Isn't that why we do what we do - to have MORE CONNECTION and RELATIONSHIP and IMPACT in the world.

Adventures to Your
Self Mastery

Super Charge Your Beliefs & Shine from Your Soul


Are You Seeking Your Soul's Sovereignty?


Are You Ready to Master Your Modern-day Moments?


Now is the perfect time for you to learn how to utilize your natural resources to reach more people and have the level of impact your soul truly desires. Be guided to see, understand and have your unique clear action steps to get results. Learn systems to resource from your Soul so you are no longer being operated by your conditional programs acquired in life. 


Discover your unique system of working with Divine to manifest money, discovering your fastest paths to cash while staying connected to your Souls vision and living through your heart. Successful people know Soul communication is one of the MUST HAVE skills to be SUCCESSFUL on every level from impact to income.

When you attend

“Adventures to Your Self Mastery”

you will easily and quickly:


  • Restructure Your Self Image from Your Soul’s Vision so you can Live your most Fulfilling Life.
  • Belong to a Soul Aligned Community for Connection, Collaboration, and Celebration.
  • Experience your limitations lifted, having clarity and discernment in your Power, Purpose, and Prosperity.
  • Develop a deep level of Self Acceptance giving Peace, Love and Joy beyond you current awareness, guaranteed. 
  • Learn to heal yourself from within, little to no money required. 

Soul Coaching

I will nurture and nourish your willingness to receive your desires with ease, fun and joy through this transition time.  As a result of training, coaching and therapy you will have the skills, tools an awareness to move through these and future life transitions with greater peace, power and presence ultimately having fulfillment in all your relationships.

I am honored to serve you and will collaborate to create your desired results, including:

  • Acknowledging and understanding your beliefs, values and standards from an internal and external aspect, so we clearly align with your highest level of satisfaction and fulfillment now and in the future. 
  • Clearing energetic challenges that are interfering with sustainable healthy relationships by commanding your communication from your center of wholeness and completeness.
  • Learning details pertinent in the creation of powerful intentions so you most efficiently and effectively realize your desired results.
  • Understanding the foundational principles of communication that will allow you to successfully command any conversation in a respectful, authentic and effective way so you have peace, power and presence even under pressure.
  • Discover emotionally intelligent communications by developing acuity of your senses and the ability to manage emotions while creating the fundamentals of great communications. 
  • Acquire the ability to be with difficult conversations with a focus on your partner’s intensity and your ability to command your appropriate level of assertiveness. 
  • Cultivate enlightened assertiveness by effectively and respectfully resolving issues you feel strongly about while commanding your emotions and respecting the rights of others.

You will have a customized plan to propel yourselves into your sustainable healthy relationships personally and professionally.  You will have more people, money, ease and fun in your live, it will simply show up.  We will collect evidence in all areas of life- Health - mental/emotional/physical, Intimacy/Family, Social - Fun/friends, Financial, Entrepreneurial/career/service, Spiritual Journey, and Legacy. 

My clients are inspired and feel greater peace, power and presence with their communications and life as a result of working with me. This is my personal guarantee and I am 100% committed to your lasting results. I believe in you, and I know you can have great communications and lasting relationships!

Soul Language Practitioner Training

Soul Language is more than a paradigm – it is a sacred practice for awareness.  It guides individuals to create a deep connection with themselves and the Divine, and it brings unity (wholeness and completeness) into a person’s life and business.

Soul Language Practitioners understand that they are here to connect deeply to the Divine, to be of service and to be out in the world in a big way.

Connection to our Souls and the Divine is intensely personal.  This model provides structures and a way to embody a profound personal connection for the Practitioner and for their clients. Unlike other Soul connection and assessment tools, Soul Language is a living, breathing paradigm. Our Souls are always unfolding and our consciousness is endlessly expanding…

Soul Language Certification guides and supports an individual to:

  • Tap into their intuitive abilities in a more profound way
  • Understand true connection so both practitioner and clients embody a deeper sense of safety
  • Utilize a powerful delivery system for sacred purpose

Unlike other certifications this one is personal. Becoming a Soul Language Practitioner allows an individual to explore their own sacred purpose, understand who their community is, and develop a strategy to create and/or expand a coaching/master healer practice.

This process is co-creative and one of high integrity.  As a certified Soul Language Practitioner, you are committed to “doing” your own work for your journey and growth.  You have accepted the calling to be a spiritual teacher and leader.  I honor you for this, and deep respect will be accorded you throughout this entire process.

What does it mean to be certified and how will it benefit my life and business?

Upon completion of Soul Language Certification, you will have a powerful tool to help clients understand beneficial information about their Soul.  You will be able to conduct a Soul Language Identification and guide people in connecting with their Soul via this sacred practice.

During the Soul Language Identification session, you will be able to identify the three core energies of Soul (mission, how a Soul will be known here, and Soulful personality). 

Once identified, you will be able to provide the definition of their language and describe the experiences of utilizing this part of their Soul consciously (without struggle) and unconsciously (with struggle). This will support individuals in moving into a more conscious expression of their Soul.

You can also design your own coaching/healing programs around this information and utilize this certification as a tool to help you conduct your own sacred work in supporting individuals on their path.

What you will understand as you participate in this work is a deeper knowing of your specialty in collaborating with Soul.  For example, you might have experience in guiding individuals with the life purpose of Pioneer (individuals whose mission is to forge new roads) or a special knowledge for Souls with warrior energy.

It is our intention that at the end of this certification you have:

  • a deep knowing of your own sacred purpose, who you are here to serve and why, and
  •  the tools and knowledge to help others understand how to connect to their Soul and utilize their connection with the Divine to alleviate struggle in their lives.

Universal Light Technologies Practitioner Training


We are beings of love and light and the Universal Light Technologies are here to help organize all of our bodies of light with our highest soul coherence, so we can lead rich lives, full of joy, love and presence. There are a wide range of Technologies to explore that address stress on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

 Universal Light Technologies™ are the soul-curated, paradigm-shifting modality of Jennifer Victoria Bell.  Each of the Universal Light Technologies™ is created from cosmic frequencies that are in high coherence with Universal Truth and Infinite Love. This is transforming energy healing into managing  light with the great love that we all are at our core.

The bigger vision of the Technologies is to empower people through the universal truth of wholeness and through tangible, nutrient-rich, infinitely loving connection with soul.


We all have our own unique, mystical, and magical soul-curated missions that only we were born to embody and to fulfill.  We also have something in common.


That commonality is Source/God/Divine Spark/Light.


In order for us to embody our unique mystical natures and our big missions within the collective, we have to manage our piece of Source with great coherence.


There is a great lack of coherence in intuition mastery, healing mastery, life and business mastery that is pervasive right now.


Here is what it looks like when you are incoherent in managing your light with your Soul’s Intelligence:


  • You struggle to stand out and to be seen and heard in your marketing.
  • You have big up and down swings in your energy level.
  • You are being lead by fear or unworthiness that have lead you to buying empty calorie programs and coaching that leave you feeling depleted and unable to achieve the results promised.
  • You don’t understand why others who have less experience than you do are more successful.
  • You have a big mission and vision but feel like you can’t find the words to express what it is, even though you can feel it.
  • You feel stuck in the HOW’s: How will I make money? How will I attract clients? How will I be able to handle it?
  • You feel stuck in not enough-ness: I don’t know enough, I don’t have enough experience.
  • You feel stuck in comparison: I am not as good as...fill in the blank.
  • You are constantly searching for...something...based on feelings of separateness.


This is where  Universal Light Technologies™ comes in.

Why? Because everything you experience in life comes down to how you think and feel about yourself.

This is not the typical way of healing the mindset and limiting beliefs that are keeping you anxious and up at night; that are keeping you from starting or expanding your business; or that are keeping you from accessing the healing and intuition mastery that is already an inherent part of your system. 


Universal Light Technologies™ is a paradigm-shifting, new-earth-reality-creating way of being.


You Will Learn:


  • To receive from your own nutrient-rich, soul signature frequency. 
  • You will learn to transmit for your own healing.
  • To strengthen your intuitive receptors.
  • Align to the universal truth of wholeness and establish it as the foundation in your life, relationships, and business.
  • How to work with your soul signature frequency and use it to go deeper within, to access your own brand of healing and intuition mastery.
  • To create relationships with mystical beings, universal consciousness, and planetary consciousness that are truly soul-aligned and that will potently amplify the nutrients that you are already receiving from your soul. 
  • How to transmit Universal Light Technologies™  clearly without any projections or distortions for your own healing.
  • How to be a Universal Light Technologies™ Light Transmitter for yourself, your family, friends and clients.
  • The Structures 0-12 Universal Light Technologies™

Universal Light Technologies Money Freedom Structuring Program Personal and Practitioner Training


coming soon 


About Sonya


This very special program of soul communication and experience by Sonya is exactly what you have been looking for. Bring your willingness to receive because Sonya P Nagy, Intuitive Alignment Master, Soul Communication & Self Restructuring Coach, will light you up with your empowering soul secrets as she delivers.


Sonya, your “Soul Communication and Self Restructuring Coach” has taught thousands her step-by-step alignment method so they overcome internal obstacles and be more powerful and purposeful in their business and life.  Sonya’s highly desired programs include Adventure to Your Self Mastery, Soul Language, Sacred Partnership with Money and Cleaning Your CA$H Consciousness. She is an exceptional synthesis of business expertise and healing wisdom.  Her clients exist of high-level leaders, founders and global masters. Her unique fusion of compassionate intuition, real life examples and empowering presence, connect with her audience at a heartfelt level, making her a highly sought-after speaker, facilitator and coach.  Whether Sonya is being interviewed or speaking to international audiences, she ignites the atmosphere with her empowering information, accurate insights and impactful results. The power of what Sonya teaches has helped clients on four continents understand how to communicate clearly with themselves, so they can clearly communicate with the world.

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